In the last unit, you finished your phase planning (Gantt chart) and made a concrete structure of your whole change process. Well done! The implementation of your strategy now needs a concrete start in order not to run aground. Define the first five steps, which you will do first. Afterwards, follow your phase planning. You can see each phase as a project within your strategy implementation. Projects need a concrete time and financial planning, responsible persons and maybe some further resources. This stage of the strategy implementation shows a We present an example during the next (and last) activity within this course.

The first step is therefore always to define those responsible for the respective phases and to define the necessary work steps and resources. Those responsible must take on this task voluntarily and have two or three employees. You must also specify a date on which this step is completed. Discuss the results again in the same team in which the strategy development took place. The next steps relate to your phase plan resp. Gantt chart. Ask the learners to go through the whole planning. Write down each combination of phase and responsible person. Use a brainstorming to find and formulate necessary steps and resources for each phase (or project, if you prefer this term). It is important that you have these things documented to control the progress of the strategy implementation. All further steps can be seen as a motor to get things started. It would make sense to add project management to this stage.

Definition first implementation steps 90 minutes

Look at each single phase. Name responsible persons, brainstorm the main tasks to be done, and try to estimate costs and other resources needed. This does not mean to make a fine planning, but helps you to get an overview about the effort.

Define the most important five steps to get started. Find deadlines. You will see that we chose the defined beginning of each phase for our example. If this approach helps you, feel free to follow it. Maybe there are other things necessary to get started at your school. If you want, you can use the tabular below.