The planning is an important guide for the implementation phase. It covers all necessary tasks to realise the strategic ideas in real life. The learners define phases related to the fixed goals. That means they identify the main actions and link them to concrete dates. Do not confuse the phase planning with a work breakdown structure – phase planning is an element of rough planning in projects. It gives an overview of main actions, goals and the estimated duration of the strategy implementation and helps to consider the feasibility of the complete plan. The plan helps you to strengthen the argumentation for a possible claim for more resources.

Your time to learnTime the learners need
Unit 5.1 Phase planning30 min2 h
Unit 5.2 Milestone plan and next steps30 min1 h

  The learners are able to break down general strategic issues in phases and work packages.

 The learners are able to define useful milestones in the implementation progress reasonably.

 To know how to handle the Gantt feature of the freeware “project libre”.

The learners developed a phase plan, which shows the way of implementing the strategy plan in their school.
The learners set up a milestone plan and defined the first five steps to do in school in order to start the implementation phase.

PowerPoint presentation SDD5_Construction II
Examples within the Units
Paper and pencils

Lead the learners to define phases, which derive directly from their strategies and goals. Help them to find an adequate size of phases and content. “Internet at our school” might be too vague. Check the formulation and add main tasks to a phase. For example “Implementation of school Wi-Fi for all courses” (Start date – end date). Main tasks: 1. Check national directions of data security for schools, 2. check providers and selection of one offer, 3. buy and install the hardware.