The purpose of this session is to learn about several different tools that can help the teachers in their work.

We do not need to get in depth with the tools; we always have to encourage self-learning and convince them that the tools for teachers are exactly that: tools for teachers, not for engineers. They do not require more than a few hours to understand and dominate. Our intention here is to broad their horizons, to show them that there is a world full of resources, tools and methodologies and that it is within the grasp of their hands.

It is important to direct this session as if this were a collaborative workshop rather than a class. Instead of just showing a bunch of tools one after the other, stop from time to time and ask the teachers if they are using tools, resources or services, and if so ask them which or let them show to the class what and how they are using them.

Ask them for their needs, and try to help them finding something that may cover them.

A good way to show a tool and encourage self-learning at the same time is briefly introducing it, and then making them find it out how it works. Pick up a volunteer to start the work, and encourage the rest of the learners to help him/her.