Guiding principles base on a precise check of information: what do we want to promote and which is not public information?

A good sample of guiding principles…

gives clear information about mission, vision and values,

motivates inwards, due to clear information of a “greater sense”, why it is worth to work here, how success is defined and what each single member can be proud of,

promotes outwards, due to a clear description of the mission, presentation of the readiness to improve the organisation’s quality and a transparent structure of values related to social, environmental and ecologic responsibility.

Your participants will now have found many statements, which they associate with their school. Some information is important for the “inner circle” of school, while other is relevant to promote the school outwards. Within the second step, the participants decide, whether information should appear in their guiding principles or not. They can use the questions below to evaluate the statements from Unit I.

When the participants finished selecting messages, they go on and sort the messages into a scheme, presented at the end of this Unit. The given categories are exemplary – you may define new, more adequate ones. Feel free. This will be the last step, before the participants bring their guiding principles together.

Evaluation of messages 30 minutes
Sort chosen messages in the tabular 30 minutes
Formulate Guiding Principles 30 minutes

Please check each point noted in Unit I, using the following questions:

What do we not say? What do we say?
What do we not reveal? What do we reveal?
Whom do we not address? Whom do we address and how?
What do we not want to achieve? What do we want to achieve with our message?

Decide which information from Unit I is relevant to create guiding principles towards digitisation within your institution. Check the points you want to include. Are your messages:

Tab. 3: Example of categories towards guiding principles.

Human Relations

Source: Own presentation following Sander & Bauer, 2006.

Formulate your school’s new guiding principles! Create a tabular like the one below. Use the categories, where you identified related messages.

Our Vision:

Our Mission:

Our Corporate Principles (values)


Human Relations: