ICT5: Self-assessment

Learning Diary

What did you learn? What was easy for you?

Your text
Where do you have to invest more learning efforts? Your text

Evaluate your goal achievement with a little test. Be honest!

Can you answer these questions? (Knowledge)    
What rights are given to the author my default? ☐ NO YES ☐
What are the benefits of using an open license? ☐ NO YES ☐
When can you use parts of other contents in your lessons? ☐ NO YES ☐
What are the four rights managed by a Creative Commons license? ☐ NO YES ☐

Did you finish your tasks successfully? (Results)









Reviewed previous lessons created using parts of others’, to check if I’m allowed to use them
Decided what kind of license should my content be under

Do you think you reached the learning goals? (Learning Goals)

I understand the necessity to protect the author’s content under copyright or copyleft ☐ NO YES ☐
I understand the author’s rights when using resources made by others ☐ NO YES ☐
I understand the benefits of open licenses licenses ☐ NO YES ☐

You have 5 or more active check boxes in the blue area?

Congratulations! You achieved the learning goals. Please proceed to the next module.

You have less than 5 active check boxes in the blue area?

No problem, go back to the beginning of the recent module and repeat the tasks, which challenged you. Consult the community for specific issues.