Google Classroom: E-learning Made Easy

As part of Google’s plan to dominate the world, Classroom is their solution for education to manage your class resources, lessons, homework and of course, students.

If your organisation is a public educational institution Google gives you Google for Education free, a premium package that includes a version of the tools of Google oriented to organisation and with the ability to control the members of its domain. Otherwise, you can still use Classroom free as an individual user.

Classroom ties the rest of Google’s apps (Sheets, Docs, Slides, Drive and Gmail) to create an integrated e-learning experience, allowing the teacher to deliver homework, grade it and communicate with the students easily.



Activity 4: If you have time, create a course and enrol your learners. Let them upload the content they have created in previous lessons.

Flashcards to Learn: Quizlet

Quizlet is a web-based and mobile application that helps students learn via flashcards and various games and tests. Quizlet offers millions of card sets ready to use in their website.


Creating Scavenger Hunts: ActionBound

ActionBound is a mobile application to create scavenger and treasure hunts where the participants have to complete a list of tasks that may involve searching the area for hints or items and solving riddles.


Gathering Feedback Properly: Google Forms

Another tool of Google, Forms, integrated as part of Drive, allows the creation of questionnaires, quizzes and surveys with a vast set of different questions (like scale or multiple choice) and quickly organise the responses with charts and summaries. If used along with Classroom it allows the form to be graded.



Making Visually Engaging Presentations: Prezi

Prezi is a popular tool to create presentations with engaging visual effects focused in showing the relationships of the terms displayed.